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Here are some of our reviews and testimonials from our patients at Dentajoy Dental Clinics


DentaJoy Invisalign Testimonials | Thai TV News Anchors


Twin Sisters, Toey and Tang, News anchors of Royal Thai Army TV 5 reporting their Invisalign experience with DentaJoy Dental Clinic.



DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | Popetorn Soonthornyanakij ,Thai Singer - Actor


Thai singer and actor Popetorn Soonthornyanakij tells what he likes about Invisalign and how he's happy he got the treatment from Denta-Joy.



DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | Yada Gomez, The Voice Thailand Season 4


Sharing a glimpse of her own Invisalign treatment plan. Watch how Denta-joy plans to give her

desired profile!



DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | The Voice Thailand


Singing Champions on how Invisalign is winning them a perfect smile!



DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | Air Hostess


Find out why Denta-Joy is the favorite destination of stewardesses when it comes to teeth straightening!



DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | We shape FACES, not just TEETH


Patient shares how her life has changed after successfully completing Invisalign treatment at DentaJoy.



DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | Ms. Lisa Burke, VP International School of Bangkok


Where majority of the school population gets dental treatments, their VP attests the reason why this is the case.




DentaJoy invisalign Testimonials | Ms. Annie Bodian , American Expat, English Teacher


Ms. Annie Bodian, American expat selfies why above all, Denta-Joy will be her only Invisalign clinic of choice!



DentaJoy | Patient feedback on service and aftercare (Metal Braces)


Ms. Nandini Sehgal, who had metal braces as a kid, talks about her own experience as a long time Orthodontic patient of DentaJoy International Clinic. She shares her thoughts and testimony about the treatment process she had and why she continues to visit DentaJoy for her dental care.




DentaJoy | Invisalign patient testimonial


Mr. Ayush Seghal, high school student at Ruamrudee International School proudly professes how DentaJoy perfected his smile through Invisalign system. Get to know how Invisalign and DentaJoy can help in most Orthodontic issues with ease!