How to choose your Invisalign Clinic?


How to choose your Invisalign provider?

Industry experience, service quality, and cost-efficiency are amongst some of the conditions we critically consider when we’re up to do dental treatments. However, it can be a little difficult to find a perfect clinic that can satisfy all our preferences, especially in a medical-hub country like Thailand.
Here at Denta-Joy we make sure our patients get the best of all criteria in their checklist.
Denta-Joy has been established for 34 years and has continued to stand as the leading Orthodontic clinic in Thailand. In the era of clear aligners (Invisalign), Denta-Joy is clearly the clinic with the longest clinical experience with Invisalign since 2001, a year after it was first introduced to the public in 2000 in the United States.
More Than 4 Million Happy Patients Have Been Treated By Invisalign. Dentajoy is Top 2 in Asia Pacific and No.1 in Southeast Asia.
Here are some of Denta-Joy’s achievements and milestones.
  • ♦ Denta-Joy is Thailand’s pioneer in Lingual Braces, and has been providing various dental treatments since 1983.
  • ♦ Invisalign (clear aligners) was brought to Thailand and was first introduced to the market in 2001 by Denta-Joy.
  • ♦ Align Technology Inc. (Makers of Invisalign) appoints Denta-Joy as the only “ Invisalign Flagship Clinic” in Thailand.
  • ♦ Currently the Rank #1 Clinic in SouthEast Asia for the most number of treated Invisalign cases in the region.
  • ♦ Ranks 2nd in Asia-Pacific ( excluding Greater China and Oceania Territories).
  • ♦ Invisalign team composed of 9 internationally-trained Orthodontists.
  • ♦ Invisalign team is lead by Invisalign Asia-Pacific Advisory Board Member.
  • ♦ Recognized as Invisalign Platinum Elite (2001-2013) - highest status in 2001-2013.
  • ♦ Recognized as Invisalign Black Diamond Provider (2014-2015)
    ♦ Recognized as Invisalign Blue Diamond Provider (2016) - highest status to date.

  • Dentajoy Invisalign specialist team in Bangkok , Thailand


Align Technology Inc. (Makers of Invisalign) appoints Denta-Joy as the only “ Invisalign Flagship Clinic , Invisalign Dedicated Clinic” in Thailand.