Invisalign Symposium 2015, India invites Dr.Chevangkul's as delegate guest speaker.

On 13th December 2015, Invisalign will be hosting a symposium at Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad, India where Dr. Narandr Chevangkul is delegated as one of those who will take the stage amongst the array of guest speakers invited to share about Invisalign Technology. 
The presentation will discuss how patients were treated in the past using the Invisalign technology, which often involved the use of auxiliaries to achieve the final result. The science behind the Invisalign system and the biomechanical principles used to better control tooth movement and evolve the system to what it is today will be presented. The introduction of digital impressions, SmartForce® features, the SmartTrack® material, and improvements to the software programme have all resulted in a more efficient, precise, and predictable treatment option, one that every orthodontist is looking for when treating their patients. This presentation will show how all cases can be treated using Invisalign clear aligners if the clinician is experienced. A range of complex cases from first premolar extraction treatments with control of the roots, open bite cases, deep bite cases will be presented.