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We shape faces not just teeth

Beautiful Face by Dentistry

Abnormality of the tooth position and biting, including the problem of abnormal-sized jaws and their relations to the face results in reduced efficiency in chewing, including increasing the risk of dental caries or gingivitis. It is due to difficulty in cleaning the teeth and gums arising from abnormal wear and tear of the teeth from inappropriate tooth positioning or biting where the tooth positions are abnormal. Moreover, it can affect the overall beauty of the face.

Treatment by orthodontics or jointly with orthognathic surgery has direct effects on the change of the biting to be in the correct and suitable positions and has more effective biting. It can also repair the size and position of the jaws, as a result, can make the face to attain the right proportion and in turn more beauty.

Since the mouth and teeth form one-third of the face (at the upper lip-chin edge) has effects on the face the plastic surgery alone cannot modify the facial shape in the principal structure. As it may affect the chewing pattern, so it is necessary to work jointly with the orthodontist. The plastic surgeon has to work jointly with the orthodontist, who plans the main treatments. The orthodontist shall start the treatment of the tooth position in the right place, including planning on the age of the patient whether or not to be in line with the (jaw) operation. After that it is the duty of the surgeon to revise the jaw position.


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We shape faces not just teeth : You want to be good-looking?

Beautiful Face Needs Planning from the Younger Age

Invisalign Case

Invisalign Case


Beautiful Face Needs Planning from the Younger Age

Treatment should start the dental planning at the younger age by checking the biting by the general or regular dentist, as the structural growth can still be easily managed. Good planning starts from the first tooth or before reaching seven years old and the patient should come to see the orthodontist promptly upon encountering a biting problem. Most of the orthodontics started in the children with having almost complete permanent teeth that are about 11-13 years of age. However, solving some biting problems can be made during the mixed teeth period to reducing aggravation or preventing from more severe abnormality. Orthodontics in the mixed teeth is a short-term treatment and partial orthodontics. On reaching the permanent tooth period, most patients will need the whole mouth orthodontics later.

Orthodontics Can Change the Face

The belief that orthodontics can change the face or make it looks longer is partially true, but not in all cases. It depends on the problem and the anomaly of each individual, including a tooth extraction is another factor that may affect the face. However, there are multiple factors involving the change of the face like the age, weight reduction, etc.