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1st iTero Scanner in ASEAN



See Your Smile Transformation Before You Commit to Invisalign. you can see what your finished smile will look like before you commit!  Book free smile evaluation

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is the latest orthodontic technology to arrive at Dentajoy.
The scanner is used to create a predicted treatment outcome and a treatment plan, using digital scans of the patient’s teeth. This quick and comfortable process removes the need for physical teeth impressions, which are often uncomfortable, messy and time consuming.
Your Invisalign journey begins with the iTero Scanner, which will allow you to see how your teeth and smile will look after your treatment. You’ll be able to see this virtual image before you even begin treatment, allowing you to know exactly what to expect from your Invisalign treatment.
With 7 x fewer fit issues* with Invisalign custom made aligners, the iTero Scanner is the very latest orthodontic technology to offer a much better experience for patients.
Find out more about the iTero Scanner and how it fits into the Invisalign treatment journey at your free no obligation consultation! Give us a call on 027893033  or Book Your Free Smile Evaluation.
  invisalign Certified Connectivity
Use iTero to show patients the outcome of their Invisalign treatment.
  ClinCheck setups—50% faster 1
 10X fewer rejections 2
  7X fewer fit issues 3
  Better patient experience
  Simulated outcomes for patients
1. Based on analysis of 193,000+ Invisalign cases 
2. Based on analysis of 170,000+ Invisalign cases 
3. Based on analysis of 400,000+ Invisalign cases