... 5 Celebrities Who Use Invisalign

5 Celebrities Who Use Invisalign

5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Use Invisalign

Despite what people might think, many celebrities aren’t born as beautiful and perfect as they might appear on the silver screens. In fact, a lot of them have had cosmetic work, whether dental or plastic, in order to get that perfect smile or look that they are after. It turns out even the biggest celebrities – from actors and actresses to musicians or TV personalities –  can suffer from bad teeth, proving that they are actually just like you or me.


Invisalign turned these people into even more incredible versions of themselves, so what do you think it could do for you? Well, we can tell you – it’ll make you more incredible too.


Who are these celebrities who needed orthodontics to save their smile? Let’s find out!



That’s right, Justin himself is a “Belieber” in the power of Invisalign! While he might just be another bad boy in the media these days for his wild lifestyle, the young talent needed some help with his smile. Not only that, but he made a YouTube video celebrating how invisible and unnoticeable they really are. Watch the video for yourself here – just don’t get distracted by how adorable he is.



He might be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but when starting to take his kids to the orthodontist in the early 2000s, he realized he still had a lot to be desired. Not having perfectly straight front teeth, Cruise opted to use Invisalign during his filming of Minority Report in order to get his perfect smile.



People might still be wondering why Khloe is famous, or why anyone would even care, but they aren’t wondering about what she used to get her perfect smile without overly alerting the media. Never being far from the limelight, Khloe used Invisalign to fix some crooked teeth in order to make sure the public didn’t have anymore reasons to tease her.



When discussing celebrities, there are few bigger than Oprah. Known as the Queen of Television, Oprah has never ceased to make sure she is both healthy and good looking. The TV giant used Invisalign to seal the deal and make sure she had a great smile.


5. ZAC EFRON - insert photo

While Bieber might have gone from loved by all to, well, who knows – Efron has always been loved by all. Whether the young ladykiller or the muscle-bound hunk, Efron has known how to get everyone looking in his direction. However, the young star suffered from a diastema (gap between teeth) in his early days which Invisalign was able to help correct – PHEW!

And there you have it – 5 incredible celebrities made even more incredible by the power of Invisalign and great doctors. Can you imagine what life would be like without all of them? We certainly can’t here at Denta-Joy, so let’s all just be grateful and consider what potential Invisalign can unlock for you!

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