... Invisalign: More than just the price, It’s mostly the provider experience.

Invisalign; More than just the price, It's mostly the provider experience

Many people know orthodontics very well. In the advent of technology, finding information is not difficult. There are many types of Orthodontic treatments available today – Both metal and removable transparent. As Orthodontic treatments gain various options, the pricing involved of each orthodontic treatment will depend on the method, instrument used or the treating specialist. place or clinic accepting the orthodontist. Because of the increasing choice, it is understandable how confusion takes over the decision-making of people who wants to get their teeth straightened out.

Invisalign comes in different categories for different patients needs. These categories have effect on the price depending on the number of aligners and more. You can read more information, click here.

Generally, Invisalign is a method that digitalized conventional Orthodontics by using a computer program to render a 3D treatment plan from start to finish and base the actual production of aligners from it to make a sequential array of aligners to straighten teeth. By using plastic aligners molded from the patient’s teeth, the treatments happen by gradually moving the teeth using minimal force and less dental appointments. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth in a fixed number of millimeters. Here is where your dentist’s experience takes crucial role. A skilled and experienced dentist would know how much mobility to put in each aligner and which tooth to strategical move according to the patient’s current dentition and desired results. (Why Invisalign clear braces at Dentajoy? read here)

Invisalign treatment is truly an investment, and it is very important to consider the expertise and clinical experience of your clinic or provider to make this investment worth the bucks. The quality of the Invisalign provider will greatly affect the quality of your treatment, and inevitably, the quality of your life.

Dentajoy Invisalign Flagship Clinic

Dentajoy invisalign Flagship clinic Established in year 2000, Align Technology gave birth to one of the greatest advancements and change-makers in the Orthodontic industry – Invisalign. Invisalign is method to straighten teeth without wires, brackets – only plastic aligners. In January 2001, Denta-joy clinic, established in 1983 is the sole clinic in Thailand who initiated the adaptation of Invisalign technology from USA to Thailand to give Thais a better alternative in straightening teeth.Fast-forward in 2014, Denta-joy was awarded and authorized to be the only Invisalign Flagship in Thailand that offers wide range of excellent treatment plans and payment plans with Invisalign-certified dentists. Moreover, Denta-joy is now considered the highest-ranking Invisalign clinic in South East Asia for successfully treating the most number of Invisalign cases in the region for 4 years in a row.With more than 6,000 cases, 19 years of Invisalign partnership and 38 years of Orthodontic experience. Denta-joy is confident to share world-class Orthodontic treatment one can get in Thailand.

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จัดฟันใส invisalign

什么是Invisalign? invisalign是最新的矫正牙齿的流行趋势。更多的人被认为是金属牙套的替代品,这就是为什么越来越多的人选择Invisalign的原因。Invisalign可以让你在没有金属线的情况下矫正牙齿,使你能正常微笑。这是最好的选择,尤其是对于工作人员,老年人,甚至青少年! 透明塑料 可拆卸 无痛 更快的治疗 矫正牙齿的未来在这里,但你如何选择你的 Invisalign门诊? 谈到Invisalign时,Denta Joy诊所在泰国和整个东南亚的Invisalign供应商中排名第一,治疗的患者人数最多。它在矫直牙齿方面拥有最长的临床经验,并且是泰国第一家使用Invisalign的诊所。2014年,Denta Joy成为泰国第一家也是唯一的Invisalign官方合作伙伴诊所。 invisalign可以治疗什么? Invisalign可以治疗很多情况。但是,治疗效率还取决于您的治疗牙医。有了Denta Joy Invisalign团队,患者可以放心,你们将获得认证和训练有素的Invisalign牙医。这是Invisalign合作伙伴诊所和东南亚Invisalign诊所的质量。 Invisalign矫正牙齿的三个简单步骤! 第一步 与Denta Joy预约。在最初的就诊期间,我们的牙医和工作人员将帮助您决定治疗的过程。 然后Dentajoy将通过3D扫描仪获取您的牙齿的数字影像。 第二步 在您下次会诊期间,Denta Joy将使用先进的3D软件来呈现治疗期间预期发生的变化。你甚至可以看到一个模拟/ 3D动画,看到你的牙齿在治疗结束时的样子。 第三步 您需要等待几个星期,然后就可以准备好参加Invisalign旅程了! 我们的诊所工作人员会打电话给您预约,或者我们也可能会将Invisalign发送到您的海外地址——这取决于您在咨询期间与医生达成的协议。你只需要戴着你的Invisalign矫正器,并遵循牙医的所有指示就好了。 您是外籍人士或者旅游者? 别担心!Denta Joy仍然可以制定一个治疗计划,可以帮助您在泰国完成Invisalign,如您需要帮忙,请联系我们!现在就来联系我们! 观看“我在Denta Joy的隐适美反馈”   Video Chirstin Lee   DENTAJOY 客户前后对比图 患者: 女性,29 岁 矫正前: 开咬 治疗周期: 8个月 治疗服务: 隐适美   患者: 女性,28 岁 矫正前: 曲齿 治疗周期: 17个月 治疗服务: 隐适美  

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About Invisalign Provider

About Invisalign Provider Invisalign is an Orthodontic treatment widely used around the world as an alternative to conventional wire braces. The technology has been around since year 2000, conceived by Align Technology Inc. in the United States. Just only a year after the introduction of Invisalign to the public, Denta-Joy brought the technology to Thailand to be the first Invisalign Provider in Thailand. Furthermore, because of this pioneering act and extensive experience in handling Invisalign cases throughout the years, Denta-Joy holds the title as the Rank#1 Invisalign Provider in all of SouthEast Asia and a lifetime achievement award for treating the most number of Invisalign cases in the region. In 2014, Align technology assigned Denta-Joy to be its first and only Flagship clinic in Thailand. Align Technology Inc. classifies Invisalign providers based on the number of cases treated to 10 categories. Below shows the top five most significant categories in the industry. 1. Platinum Elite level 80+ Patients (Denta-Joy received from 2001 to 2013). 2. Diamond level 150+ patients 3. Black Diamond level – 400+ patients (Denta-Joy received from 2014 to 2015). 4. Blue Diamond level – 750 + patients (Denta-Joy received from 2016 to present). 5. Red Diamond Number of Patients 1,000+ Denta-Joy is currently a Blue Diamond Provider and it’s on its way to get the next highest level through the trust our patients are continuously putting on our brand, doctors, and experience.

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