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Denta-joy expands the new branch of “Denta-joy Chaiyapruek”, the 9th branch to support and provide the need of dental treatments for patients in the Ratchaphruek area.

Denta-joy expands the new branch of “Denta-joy Chaiyapruek”, the 9th branch to support and provide the need of dental treatments for patients in the Ratchaphruek area. Currently, Denta-joy Dental Clinic has designed smile for over 36 years, which is a leader in aesthetic dentistry. We are also the number 1 Invisalign provider in Thailand. With over 5,000 cases of Invisalign treatment and the new branch opened in Chaiyapruek, we will continue to give people smile. Denta-joy Chaiyaphruek Branch is located at Index Living Mall, Chaiyaphruek Branch, G Floor. We focus on digital treatment in every step of treatment. Therefore, it makes treatment convenient, fast, and accurate from before treatment until the treatment is complete. Denta-joy also has a team of experienced doctors to provide advice and design a smile to suit each person and to meet the needs of the modern family in the area without having to travel to dental clinic in the city center. Chaiyapruek Branch (Index Living Mall, Chaiyaphruek Branch, G Floor). For inquiries, call 090-895-5729 l Line ID: dentajoy.cp Open daily 11.00-21.00 hrs. Follow other news of Denta-joy at l or Line@: @dentajoy Free! consult Promotion Map

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6th Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics 2019 – “Asian GOAT”

6th Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics 2019 – “Asian GOAT” For the 6 consecutive years, Denta-joy’s very own Dr. Narandr Chevangkul D.D.S., M.Sc is once again invited as one of the lecturers celebrated as the “Asian GOAT” of Aligner Orthodontics during the 6th Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics held at University of Tokyo on 28-29 November 2019. The Japanese community in Thailand is fully welcome to visit Dr. Narandr Chevangkul at his clinic at Denta-joy and get treated with Thailand and South East Asia’s best Invisalign Provider.

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Invisalign Centre

Invisalign Centre On October 22, 2019, Dr. Naruna Chevangkul, General Manager, The Orthodontist Co., Ltd (Denta-joy) is in attendance to congratulate Senior Vice President & Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Align Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mrs. Julie Tay during the opening of Bangkok Invisalign Centre at Siam Square Soi 7. Invisalign’s newly opened hub is a strong added value for interested consumers to know more about Invisalign Orthodontics. Equipped with interactive tools and staff to provide first-hand information, Invisalign in Thailand continues to grow stronger than ever from where it started. The opening is considered a major boost, especially for Thailand’s pioneer provider, Denta-joy who started using the technology since January 2001, not long after Invisalign was founded in the United States in year 2000. This is a testimony that Thailand is a serious destination for people desiring Invisalign Orthodontics. Furthermore, Denta-joy is the only appointed Invisalign Flagship Clinic for Thailand. Working collaboratively with Align Technology, one can be assured of world-class Invisalign Treatment as if done straight from the source!

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Community Partnership Program (CPP)

Denta-joy is slowly assembling a Community Partnership Program (CPP) with corporate entities, academic institutions and other local organizations. CPP aims to build stronger ties with the communities we closely work with and give back for their support and cooperation with Denta-joy. As part of our soft launch, Community partners can use their corporate or academic identification cards to take advantage on special discounts and benefits to dental treatments at Denta-joy Dental Clinics. Community partners share a mutual contract with Denta-joy, you may ask your organization or contact Denta-joy to learn more about the terms and conditions of this program for your institution or organization. Below is a directory of Denta-joy CPP program members. This is a developing article, please stay tuned for more updates on Denta-joy Community Partnership Program. If you are interested to have your, you may send an email to: Anglo-Singapore International School (64 Campus) #1 Sukhumvit 64, Prakanong Tai, Bangkok 10260 +66 (08) 76941654 | +66 (09) 09709564 | +66 (0)23311874/5

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Denta-joy bringing smiles UP in Udon Thani

Denta-joy bringing smiles UP in Udon Thani NorthEastern Thailand or more known as “ Esarn” is one part of the kingdom of Thailand that is also comparable to Bangkok when it comes to the locals’ response and adaptation to global trends. It is not only Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, has the demand to what’s new in the consumer market. Because of the increasing exposure to Western and Eastern pop-culture, North Eastern also deserves a lot more when it comes to the coming of industry disruptors and pioneers who can introduce the newest technology and trends with legitimate quality in the region. When it comes to dentistry, Orthodontics in particular, Metal braces became such a trend that even millennials who not need any Orthodontic treatment would get themselves fashion metal braces to get in-synced with what’s fashionably trending.  Color and visuals must be a big factor why metal braces became such a statement. However, when it comes to real Orthodontic treatment, most people are looking for an alternative that will alleviate the “metal braces woes” such as pain and tightness, many dental appointments required and accident proneness. It is more than fashion this time, as people seek something that will suit their lifestyle and not compromise their fashion and activities. In 2001, Denta-joy Introduced Invisalign in Thailand. The clear alternative to braces that promises straighter teeth without all the downsides of metal braces. Invisalign is an Orthodontic appliance made out of plastic, clear in color and is removable. It was introduced first in Bangkok, Thailand by Denta-joy and it has gained popularity with Thais ever since. However, there was absence of a provider like Denta-joy in the NorthEastern region despite the huge potential of the market that has grown over the years. Our vision is to make metal braces “a thing from the past” so due to the consumer demand, Denta-joy has opened it’s first branch in the NorthEastern region at Udon Thani province in 2018.  Located at UD Town community mall, the expansion provides an expert quality of Invisalign treatment of Denta-joy, state-of-the-art technology and a cozy ambience unconventional for a dental clinic. Denta-joy treats based on the long experience of being the first Invisalign provider in Thailand and SouthEast Asia’s rank#1 Invisalign provider, having treated the most number of cases. To learn more about updates and promotions at Denta-joy Udon Thani, visit our Facebook page:

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