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International Patient Service

Service Guarantee


Throughout over 34 years in dental industry, Denta-Joy has perfected handling not just complex dental cases, but also the art of accommodating international patients in all our clinics. Denta-Joy works with the best dentists in Thailand who possess strong local and international experience and education. We make no compromise on the quality of treatment, technology and hospitality. Denta-Joy will guarantee the experience of world-class dentistry right at your very first step.


Confidence and peace of mind in our services. Denta-Joy maintains efficiency and productivity in all business processes as proven by the yearly regulation and approval of ISO  (International Organization for Standardization)  – a quality management system that

sends a clear message to consumers that a business provides high quality of services within its operations. Denta-Joy is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.


We make sure international patients are well-informed and closely attended before, during, and after their treatments. Our English-speaking coordinators are specifically designated to assist with all international patient needs, including hotel accommodation, treatment consultation, payment planning, post- treatment care, insurance reimbursement  and more.

You may contact our English-speaking coordinators directly through:

LINE ID: dentajoy_eng
English Speaking: 098-201-9456
Chinese Speaking: 096-798-8960

Skype ID: dentajoy

E-mail: patient.coordinator@dentajoy.com



In-house x-rays rooms are situated in  each clinic for faster diagnostics. Our radiograph machines emit the most minimal radiation, proven to lessen radiation exposure by 90% as compared to film. Patients wear lead apron as an exercise of protective protocol.

Intraoral scanners.

No more gooey dental impressions! We are the first clinic in Thailand to use digital intraoral scanners.  These  3D impressions render digital copies of patients’ oral area for a more accurate reference needed for dental treatments.


When it comes to equipment and facilities, Denta-Joy touches first on the latest dental technology to perform the most advanced treatment and service to patients.

Integrating an IT system for a hospital capacity,  – booking appointments and record-keeping has never been this easy and efficient! Information is virtually centralized to all Denta-Joy clinics in Thailand. Visit any Denta-Joy branch and be able to continue your treatment with ease and comfort.